Russell Morse is a native San Franciscan currently living in New York City. As a journalist, he has covered youth riots in France, juvenile justice reform in California, issues along the US/Mexico border and three presidential elections. His work has appeared in Rolling Stone Magazine and The San Francisco Chronicle and online at and  He is a former Guggenheim Fellow, former Editor of YO! Youth Outlook, has written radio and video content for UPFront on KQED and LinkTV, was once the Huffington Post “Person of the Day,” and is a graduate of Columbia University. The New Yorker has called him “arrogant and wildly self-destructive.”

Morse has published two books: dead time and Aztec moon. This website serves as an archive of his work.

Other things people have said about Russell:

“Credibly hip but focused” – Virginia Heffernan, The New York Times

“This guy’s either awesome or completely intolerable. We’ll see.” – Rain Jokinen,

“Really pretty good” – Tom Breihan, The Village Voice

“Morse stands out as seasoned and professional” – Antonia Richmond, San Francisco Chronicle 

“Quirky and erratic” – Ben Fong Torres

“Drama and charisma – the old high school values. Russell is the standout in this category, too.” – Tad Friend, The New Yorker

“Morse can actually write…Readable and freshfaced.” – Yahoo 

“Cocky bad boy” – US Weekly

“Problem-child livewire” – The Village Voice