Go Bonkers! – FannyPack Tears the Roof Off of SF’s Café Dunord

YO! Youth Outlook, Published May 6, 2004

If you don’t know who Fannypack is, you’d better find out soon, ‘cause they’re about to break up…

Okay, I’ll tell you. Fannypack is three high school girls from Brooklyn – Cat, Belinda, Jessibel – who sing freestyle party music about cheesy dudes and camel toes. What’s a camel toe? Here’s a sample lyric: “Is your crotch hungry, girl? Cause it’s eatin’ your pants.”

…dozens of hipster females crowding the stage, humping the ground and knocking each other over…

They were expected to hit the stage at Café Du Nord on Market Street around 10 p.m. and I was supposed to interview them at 6. But some guy decided to think about jumping off the Bay Bridge, so the girls got stuck in traffic and didn’t walk into the building until well after midnight. Worth the wait. But there goes my interview. Whatever.

The natives are getting restless. The venue’s all-age largely female clientele wants these girls NOW. And here they are, in outfits that could be mistaken for Hooters uniforms.

Band_1Hoop earrings and hot pants are all they need, really. Halfway into their first song, fans are swapping sweat and the band is handing out bottles of Budweiser they’re not even close to old enough to drink. Then they’re dragging people up on stage for dance-offs. At one point, the DJ stops the music and Jessibel asks for a gay newlywed couple to get up and dance. “C’mon, now. This is San Francisco. Where you at?” Frisco obliges and two young gay Latin dudes hit the stage for Fannypack ass-grabbing.

Then the group is screaming through their set, trying to be heard over the uncontainable crowd. “We’re so pretty/Ass and titties/ New York City/Home of Biggie/And P. Diddy” Then there’s a contest to see which side of the room can scream “F–k San Diego” loudest. My side wins. The girls giggle like they’ve never been on stage before.

One of them, in fact, has never been on stage before. She’s replacing band member Belinda who left the group three days before the show. But the new girl holds it down, giggling all the way through and loving the attention.


The climax of the show is dozens of hipster females crowding the stage, humping the ground and knocking each other over for free Fannypack t-shirts. Then the girls disappear, and the crowd won’t move. “They’ve gotta come back!”

I jump over the bar and find their DJ in the parking lot, where I start demanding my interview. He just shakes his head. “The girls are in a horrible mood right now. I think Jessibel is about to punch Cat out.”

So if you weren’t there, you might have missed their last show ever. But what a way to go out.

Story: Russell Morse // Photos : Ryan Furtado