Young Skinheads Against the War: The White Revolution at the DNC

YO! Youth Outlook, Interview, Published: July 30, 2004

The protest pen at the Fleet Center in Boston has been quiet since I got here. The main protest organizers – a group of local anarchists called The Black Tea Party – have shunned the pen and any other form of predictable, organized protest. The people who do come through, Vietnam vets against Kerry (calling him Hanoi John), the pro lifers, the occasional group of washed up hippies, have no one to argue with and rarely make any noise.

So from the podium set up in the “free speech zone”, Triumph the Insult Comic Dog is free to crack jokes for giggling passer-bys. And that’s about as much dissent as is happening at the Fleet center.

One group that got everybody’s attention, though, was a handful of young men with shaved heads, black boots and confederate flag t-shirts handing out flyers with headings like, “Fag Facts.”

They’re with the Massachusetts chapter of an international organization called White Revolution. They call their movement white separatism and they’re here at the DNC, like everybody else, to get their message out to the thousands of people who have descended on Boston for the Jackass Bash.

I got a chance to talk to Rob, a 24-year-old from Massachusetts about his organization and what they hoped to accomplish in the protest pen.

YO!: Why are you guys here?
Rob: We’re here distributing information, just like everybody else. We want to publicize our movement, which is geared towards white people and making stronger communities.

YO!: What problems are white communities facing right now?
Rob: More and more people from third world countries Mexico and places like that, coming through our open borders and continue to move here and with them comes drugs, crime, and people who aren’t even able to speak American English, taking jobs.

YO!: So who are you planning to vote for?
Rob: Basically, whoever you vote for you’re gonna get screwed anyway. They’re not gonna do anything to make the country better. Neither one of them is gonna do anything to close the border, neither one of them is gonna do anything to pull out of the Middle East and all the trouble that’s being caused by that whole thing.

YO!: You guys are against the war?
Rob: Yeah, The twin towers were a direct result of our involvement in the Middle East, particularly in Israel. That’s 2000 Americans that are dead directly because of that. And in Iraq? We’re not defending ourselves against anything. Iraq never attacked America.

YO!: What do you think about the anti-war protesters who are here?
Rob: I see where they’re coming from. I agree with them on certain points, on certain points we disagree. Ultimately, though, they’re not accomplishing anything, They’re not changing anything.