Master P: The Very Image of Success, Published Jan. 31, 2007

MasterP_RollingStoneArticle_1.31.2007At long last, we can close Master P’s “Where is he now?” casebook with a less than obvious answer: The No Limit Records founder and one of the world’s richest hip-hop moguls — nom de plume: P. Miller — is giving real estate seminars with the gatekeepers of personal enrichment over at the Learning Annex. Monday night, he was in a stuffy, low-ceilinged meeting room in San Francisco’s IKEA-fancy La Meridien hotel, presenting his course, How to Build Generational Wealth Through Real Estate Investments to 80 or so aspiring entrepreneurs.

Known for his soon-to-be Ex-Lax commercial hit, 1997’s “Make ‘Em Say Uhh,” Master P is expanding his skill set by sharing the seven-step plan for success from his self-published book (Kinko’s?) Guaranteed Success: When You Never Give Up.

He gave an inspired performance as facilitator, complete with headset microphone and a subtle, twinkling gold tooth. At one point, he drew on his skills as an emcee and encouraged a call and response.

“Do y’all know what cash flow is?” And then he would say “Cash,” leading the audience with his hand to summon the response: “Flow!” At the end of the seminar, he gave out free copies of his book and posed for individual photos with nearly all of the attendees, including a middle aged Chinese woman in a business suit who couldn’t hide her enthusiasm, blushing and giggling as she gave P a high five.