Barack Rhymes With Tupac

New America Media, Commentary (Millennial View), Published Mar. 20, 2008 Editor's Note: Two of this generations most gifted orators are in the news this week. Barack Obama confronted race in a historic speech and new revelations about the origins of the beef that ended Tupac Shakur's life shook the rap world. Russell Morse is a New York…Read more Barack Rhymes With Tupac

Lupe Fiasco

Rolling Stone Magazine, Published Sep. 7, 2006  Chicago's young MC has a hit single, Kanye in his corner, a black belt and the fall's hottest debut Lupe Fiasco is backstage in Chicago, running from security guards. A few seconds earlier, he was goofing around with his friends in a competition he calls "Feats of Strength…Read more Lupe Fiasco

Go Bonkers! – FannyPack Tears the Roof Off of SF’s Café Dunord

YO! Youth Outlook, Published May 6, 2004 If you don’t know who Fannypack is, you’d better find out soon, ‘cause they’re about to break up... Okay, I’ll tell you. Fannypack is three high school girls from Brooklyn – Cat, Belinda, Jessibel – who sing freestyle party music about cheesy dudes and camel toes. What’s a…Read more Go Bonkers! – FannyPack Tears the Roof Off of SF’s Café Dunord

Rock ‘n’ Roll Is the New Hip Hop

San Francisco Chronicle via Pacific News Service, Youth Commentary, Published Oct. 12, 2003 Editor's Note: While hip hop is everywhere and nowhere, rock 'n' roll is where all the energy is. Dear Reader: You're gonna think I'm a lame-ass after you read this story. If you're a hip hop head, you'll dismiss me as a hop…Read more Rock ‘n’ Roll Is the New Hip Hop

‘Jackass’ Attack – White Boys Are Back

San Francisco Chronicle via Pacific News Service, Published Jan 7, 2003 Step aside, Columbine. Young white men, writes PNS contributor Russell Morse, survived the Dark Ages and are back in style. "Jackass" Johnny Knoxville and star rapper Eminem have ushered in a White Boy Renaissance. * Things were looking bad for a while. The plague of…Read more ‘Jackass’ Attack – White Boys Are Back